how to detect water leak

Water leaks are very common, especially in older houses. They’re not usually a major issue if you can locate the leak quickly and get it fixed.

However, the longer the leak continues, the more damage it can cause, including decay, rot and flooding. What starts as a simple fix can turn into an expensive problem.

Signs of a water leak

To prevent any major damage, make sure you know these signs of a water leak.


  • Peeling paint or wallpaper
  • Falling or loose wall tiles
  • Mould around the shower and tub
  • Gaps in the caulking
  • A loose base
  • Water puddles around the base when flushing
  • Stained ceiling beneath the toilet
  • Counter tops that are spongy to touch and look dark and swollen
  • Water dripping between the sink base and counter top
  • A loose faucet base
  • Damp beneath the sink cabinet
Exterior pipes
  • Leaking hoses
  • Increased grass growth around the pipe
  • Corrosion on the pipe

No Delays

We know that even a small leak can be destructive if it’s undetected, so we don’t waste time once you contact us. We’ll be at your property within 24 hours, and then we’ll work quickly to find and fix the problem.

Find & Repair

Not only can we find the leak for you, we can also repair it. You won’t need to go and organise another tradie – we do it all!

Non-invasive Technology

We’ve invested in the latest tools and equipment to help us find leaks quickly, including:

CCTV camera inspections

Thermal imaging

Tracer gas

Moisture mapping

Utility line mapping

Electro-sound detection

Using this technology also means minimal disruption to your structures and landscaping.