A slab leak occurs when a pipe or main breaks under the slab that your residential or commercial property is built on. These leaks can be notoriously hard to find because they’re often hidden by construction on the slab. 

Leak Detection WA: We are the experts in detecting and repairing under slab leaks in Perth and Perth greater area and can be at your property within 24 hours.

If it’s not found and fixed quickly, a slab leak can cause expensive damage to the property’s structure. In terms of leaks, this is a big one to get on top of.

Some signs that you might have a slab leak include:

  • unusually high water bills
  • mould, mildew, or musty odours
  • low water pressure
  • soggy carpets, loose flooring or other structural damage
  • a ‘boggy’ feeling to the floor
  • ponding water or wet patches in the yard with no rainfall
  • cracks in your patio or outdoor hardscaping
  • the sound of running or dripping water when taps are off.

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Don’t let a slab leak go untreated – we can be out there to take care of it within 24 hours of getting your call.

We will find the source of your leak and give you the options for fixing the problems. We can even repair the leak for you as well – not all leak detection companies can give you that service!

If you’re in Perth or the greater Perth area, call us on  0400 763 766 or enquire online.

No Delays

We know that even a small leak can be destructive if it’s undetected, so we don’t waste time once you contact us. We’ll be at your property within 24 hours, and then we’ll work quickly to find and fix the problem.

Find & Repair

Not only can we find the leak for you, we can also repair it.
You won’t need to go and organise another tradie – we do it all!

Non-invasive Technology

We’ve invested in the latest tools and equipment to help us find leaks quickly, including:

CCTV camera inspections

Thermal imaging

Tracer gas

Moisture mapping

Utility line mapping

Electro-sound detection

Using this technology also means minimal disruption to your structures and landscaping.


How to detect a water leak…